Thursday, June 6, 2013

REVIEW: Julep June 2013

So, I went for the UPGRADE this month for Julep. There were just so many pretty colors unlike ones I already have and I was really excited to try the DD creme & concealer they released this month! Also added on Bunny!

Here is the full Nantucket Nostalgia Collection for June!
Bunny, Nan, & Raegan
Martha, Lexie, Payton, & Dianna
Bess, Char, & Kennedy
DD Creme & DD Concealer
DD Creme in LIGHT
DD Creme as it's being blended...
DD Creme blended! 
DD Concealer in Light
DD Concealer blended!

I'll definitely be using the nail polishes in the next few days for manicures, but I've honestly never had any issues with Julep's formula so I'm not super worried! Need to find my nail polish remover that's buried in one of our moving boxes & then I will post pictures of my fabulous nantucket manicure for you! :)

A few words on the DD creme & concealer... I know there have been a lot of complaints on Julep's Facebook page saying the shades were too dark and orange/yellow based, but the light color worked really well for me! It doesn't match perfectly straight out of the tube, but it's very blendable. I just used a small amount of the DD creme and it gave me a nice sheer coverage. I don't have a huge need for concealer right now, but the few areas I do need it on my face were very easily covered by this. I don't see anything really special about either of these products compared to the drugstore products I usually use, but they do work for what I need!
My only real issue with the DD products was the packaging. Both of them came in tubes that were filled mostly with air. This isn't necessarily a problem as long as the amount of product in the tubes is what was supposed to be in there, but the air combined with the shape of the tube makes it REALLY hard to get any product out. Like, I used the concealer once so far & I'll probably have to cut the tube open to get any more product out. Kind of disappointing as I thought these were supposed to be full sized products and the amount of product in them is more comparable to a sample.

Did anyone else try out the Julep DD products this month? What were your thoughts?

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