Saturday, June 15, 2013

Deal of the Day: Julep Online Warehouse Sale

A few weeks ago, Julep announced that they're having their first ever online warehouse sale on June 17th for 24 hours only. There's an event on Facebook you can RSVP to for early access:

Mark your calendars, RSVP and share with your friends to get FIRST access to our first 24 hour online warehouse sale. Can you say excited?!

I'm not sure if this is the 'early access' they were referring to or if they're just slowing adding sales items to the site, but there are a TON of good deals already up on their website right now! They don't have an actual section up for the sale yet, but here are a few of the items I've found. You can just search for them in the search bar!

Annette $3.00
Brit $3.00
Olivia $3.00
Stella $3.00
Alma $3.00
Otte $3.00
Kathleen $3.00
Daisy $3.00
Candy $4.00
Eileen $4.00
Ingrid $4.00
Molly $4.00
Emma $4.00
Stefani $4.00
Jordan $4.00
Renee $4.00
Dendrie $4.00
Caroline $4.00
Lucy $4.00
Natasha $4.00
Melissa $4.00
Viola $4.00
Sofia $4.00
Jackie $4.00
Sharon $4.00
Leslie $4.00
Mischa $4.00
Patti $4.00
Vivien $4.00
Julep Matte Top Coat $4.00
Girls Night Out Set $5.00
Summer Nights Set $5.00
Sea Salt Collection $8.00
Rock Candy Collection $10.00

Julep Daylight Defense SPF Lip Balm $2.00
Neon Hair Ties $2.00
Pomegranate Body Scrub $2.00
Pomegranate Body Creme $2.00
Pink Body Scrub  $2.00
Pink Body Frosting  $2.00
Gleaming Olive Bangles $3.00
Reveal Nail Growth Revitalizing Serum $5.00
Julep's Exclusive Make Up Bag $5.00
Grapefruit Galore $6.00
Dry Clean Invisible Dry Shampoo $7.00

There are tons of other sets of polish for $5-10! :)

Editing to show you guys what I got! 8 polishes, a top coat, serum, & scrub/lotion/mitt set all for $35.
Julep Matte Top Coat Julep Matte Top Coat06-01-002011$4.00
Grapefruit Galore Grapefruit Galore10-01-002561$6.00
Reveal Nail Growth Revitalizing Serum Reveal Nail Growth Revitalizing Serum05-01-000271$5.00
Girls Night Out Girls Night Out10-01-002421$5.00
Rock Candy Collection Rock Candy Collection10-01-002411$10.00
Gold Dust Gold Dust10-01-002471$5.00
Order Statusprocessing
Shipping & Handling$0.00
Grand Total$35.00

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