Saturday, June 15, 2013

REVIEW: Glamour Doll Eyes OTM June 2013

My very first Glamour Doll Eyes order came yesterday and I am seriously kicking myself for not signing up for this sooner. 

I've been meaning to checkout this subscription forever & I kept missing the window to sign up! So this time, I set my alarm on my phone and managed to snag a one-month slot. You can also sign up for two month, three month, six month, and even twelve month subscriptions, but you have to be fast!  :) 

Some additional info from their website: (
Of the month spots will open up on the 8th of every month. If the 8th lands on a Saturday or Sunday, they will open up on that Friday. There will only be 100 OTMs open at a time so only a handful will be released each month. OTMs will be shipped on the 10th of every month. If the 10th lands on a Saturday or Sunday, it will ship the following Monday. If you're International and you have an ongoing subscription, they will ship the 1st, if you purchase on the 8th, it will ship the 10th for that month and the 1st for every other month of your subscription.

They release a new color eye shadow each month known as 'Of the Month' or OTM & it's sold for that month only! Very exclusive. 

Here's this month's!

It all comes in a cute little satchel!

The contents! The actual shadow, delicious candy that sort of goes with the month's theme, & a card with more information about that month's shadow. Also came with a Glamour Doll Eyes business card with their contact information. 

Again, I apologize for my camera acting up, but here's the back. Love that it not only tells you the name of the shadow, but also the month it was released! Ingredients are listed here & also on the website. 

LOOK HOW PRETTY THIS IS. It's called Flicker Pop! & it's a bright blue shadow with white & red glitter. Sent out to us in June so we can wear it for July 4th! I've never been a huge blue eye shadow fan, but I will definitely figure out a way to wear this. 

Swatch doesn't even do it justice. This is also totally buildable so you could make it lighter or darker depending on your preference!

Here's all the information on the OTM if any of you are interested: 

You can also purchase samples of their other shadows super, super cheap. $1.25 for .5 grams in a baggie or $2.50 for 1 gram of product in a jar. 

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  1. I almost forgot about pop rocks!! That blue is very pretty.