Saturday, February 1, 2014

PREVIEW: Memebox, The 4th Edition

The last of my posts for this evening, the 4th edition Memebox! Just received it this afternoon and was seriously shocked at the amount of products inside this one.

Please forgive the one sideways picture...Blogger is acting up & I really wanted to post this for you all!

IOPE Bio Essence Intensive Conditioning
18 ml sample. (Full size 168 ml. $60.)
"Intensive skin-enhancing program, clearing, and smoothing skin texture within 3 days. Fast absorbing active ingredients instantly regenerates skin."
How to use: Saturate a cotton pad with IOPE Bio Essence and gently press into the skin all over your face. Apply twice a day, morning and evening. 

Lanoa Natural Soap Sulfur
Full size 100 g. $12. 
"100% natural handmade soap featuring powerful natural ingredients: sulfur, shea butter, chamomile, and lavender. It is specially designed for sensitive and dry skin by hydrating on the surface as well as underneath the skins barrier. Surfactant free, artificial fragrance free, preservative free."
How to use: Lather and gently massage soap onto your wet face. 

Laneige Snow Crystal Pure Lip Gloss
3g sample. (Full size 5g. $20.)
"Gel-based, high-sheen lip gloss formulated to smooth the surface texture of your lips. Rosy tint and micro glitter creates the illusion of a full, juicy kiss."
How to use Apply straight from the tube, alone or over your favorite lipstick with fingertips. 

Peripera Peri's Tint Mini Mandarin Juice
2.5 ml sample. (Full size 6.5 ml. $7.)
"Vivid, lightweight tint gives an orange-red bite that doubles as a lip and cheek stain. Play with this transparent buildable color for casual to contemporary looks that last up to 5 hours!"
How to use Use applicator to dab color to bare lips or cheeks. Apply more heavily for higher saturation of color, less for natural look. Blend with fingertips to even out. Reapply as necessary. 

Goodal Repair Plus Essential Oil
15 ml sample. (Full size 100 ml. $48.)
"A fast-absorbing multi-use essential oil derived from argan, olive, macadamia, sun flower seeds, jojoba, camellia, and green tea. This combination of oil from these super-seeds hydrates, firms, and enhances the skin's complexion."
How to use: After washing thoroughly, apply 1-2 drops to your face. You can also apply to hair, nails, and cuticles. 

Danahan Bon Yeon Jin Essence
12 ml sample. (Full size 50 ml. $68.)
"Concentrate your skin's effort to enhance regeneration and elasticity. Thick serum is a formula made of red ginseng and herbal extracts compatible with all skin types."
How to use: Apply evenly to face and neck with hands daily after washing thoroughly. 

LJH Dr's Care Vita Propolis Ampoule
Full size 15 ml. $26.
"This perfect combination of vitamins and propolis harvested by bees brings out the natural, healthy luminosity of your face. High concentration of propolis in the hermetically sealed ampoule hydrates, soothes, and protects your skin. Suitable for sensitive skin."
How to use: Apply 2-3 drops on your face. You can wear this product alone, although it is highly recommended to mix with your facial lotion or hydrating cream. 

The Shampoo Plus Natural Waterless Shampoo
Full size 50 ml. $5. 
"Made out of oregano, this foam-based dry shampoo allows you to cleanse your hair anywhere without water. It also protects your hair from harmful UV rays, and enhances scalp and hair follicle health with anti-oxident properties."
How to use: Pump into your hands and gently massage the foam into your hair and scalp. Wait until dry. No rinse required. 

T.E.N. Cremorlab Mineral Treatment Essence
100 ml sample. (Full size 270 ml. $36.)
"Start your day with essence derived from therapeutic hot spring water to hydrate, tighten pores, brighten and even skin complexion."
How to use: Apply evenly to face and neck with cotton pad immediately after washing thoroughly with warm water. 

Clio VF 21 Water BB SPF35 PA++
15 ml sample. (Full size 50 ml. $20.)
"Ultra-hydrating BB cream designed for dry skin with SPF35, PA++. It gives you a natural dewy glow with long-lasting, medium coverage. Enhances skin complexion and fights against wrinkles."
How to use: Apply to face evenly using a sponge or fingertips. 

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