Saturday, February 1, 2014

PREVIEW: Memebox, The 2nd Edition

Sigh. Leave it to the girls at to get me addicted to yet another beauty box! ;)

I present to you...MEMEBOX! Memebox is the top selling beauty box in Korea and last November they started shipping to the United States. If you've ever been curious about Korean products, this is a great way to try them out! Each box contains 6-8 (or more!) products, many of which are full size. It's $23 for the box & $6.99 for shipping. They actually upgrade your shipping for free to express shipping and it only takes a few days to get here from Korea. My latest box shipped out January 30th and I got it today. Pretty fantastic! Also, you get a $5 credit for your first order and you can get another $5 credit if you e-mail their customer service and let them know you were sent by Mischief Managed Makeup. :)

This one is actually NOT a subscription so you just have to watch for the new box to go live on the site and then order. And order quickly, because these babies are selling out! Right now they're pre-ordering for edition #7 which ships in early March, but each previous box has sold out in only about a day.

So far I have editions #2, #3, & #4 and I'll be receiving #5-2 & #6 once they start shipping. There are a LOT of products in these boxes and they're things that are completely new to me, so it's going to take me a while to try everything & write up a thorough review. However, I'm going to put together a preview post for each box I've received so far just so you can see what's in the boxes and decide for yourself if you're interested in snagging one (or two or, you know, five).

Without further's the 2nd edition of Memebox: (all product information is from the card insert inside the box)

The whole box. Seriously, when's the last time you got a beauty box this jam packed with product? There are seven items in this box and two of them are full sized. :)

Gowoonsesang Total Active Dual BB Cream (SPF50+ PA+++)
Full Size. 50ml. $50. 
"It's an all-in-one essence, sun protection, and BB cream that covers from skincare to complexion coverage. The soft texture featured by the swirl of essence and BB will add flawless and fine texture and tone to your skin."
How to use: After skincare, apply evenly to your face and blend well with your finger tip. 

Holika Holika Skin&Good Cera Super Cream
10 ml sample. (Full size 60 ml, $19.)
"This ultra-hydrating cream not only hydrates the skin but also enhances the water-holding capacity of the skin,  thanks to its powerful hydrating incredient 'ceramide.'"
How to use: Apply on your face and cover your face with your palm to help absorption. You can use it as a night cream or a body balm for extremely dry areas. 

LJH's Tea Tree 90 Essence
20 ml sample. (Full size 50 ml, $32.)
"This light-texture tea tree oil essence effectively soothes and hydrates the skin for up to 24 hours. It is a clinically proven and high-functioning product specially designed for sensitive acne-prone skin."
How to use: Apply on your cleansed face. 

Miguhara B.P. Cream
3 ml sample x 2. (Full size 30 ml, $37.)
"This cream is a dual function product which can be used both as BB cream and the primer. It keeps your skin silky and even-toned and controls excessive sebum as well with its oil-free formula."
How to use: You can apply all over your face, especially on pores. 

Maycoop Raw Sauce
40 ml sample (Full size 150 ml, $40.)
"This 100% pure maple sap treatment essence intensively hydrates, nourishes, and strengthens the skin. Similar to body fluid, maple sap complex molecules easily penetrate into the skin."
How to use: Use it as a booster or an essence after cleansing. Apply on your face and press into the skin gently. 

Ryoe Jayang Yunmo Anti-Hairloss Hair Pack
100 ml sample. (Full size 300 ml, $16.)
"It is an anti-hairloss hair & scalp pack containing high concentrated herbal extracts. Oriental herbal extracts will keep your scalp and hair healthy and hydrated."
How to use: Apply on hair and scalp after shampoo and gently massage. Leave 2-3 minutes and rinse out thoroughly. 

a;t fox Tea Toc Water Clear Tablet
Full size 4g x 3. $5. 
"This tablet allows you to experience a new way to improve your daily cleansing routine. The tablet resolves into water and water transforms into pH4.9 which is the best condition for your skin. The green tea extracts will detox and soothe your skin naturally."
How to use: After your everyday cleansing, drop the tea bag into the bowl of water and wait until the tablet resolves completely. Gently pat your face with warm water. No rinse required.

If you like what you see and you're interested in getting a Memebox for yourself, you can purchase any of the available boxes here:

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