Friday, January 3, 2014

The New Year's Post

I know it's the third already, but I wanted to do a 'New Year's' post for you guys since I have a lot of beauty & blogging related resolutions this year!

It's been a little over six months since I started blogging and I have to say I really love it! It's so fun for me to write up the sneak peeks and product reviews for all of you and I definitely want to do more of that in 2014! I've also really enjoyed 'meeting' so many of you through this blog and your own blogs. The Beauty Blogger community is such a fantastic thing to be a part of!

Here are my goals for this year:

1. Write more. Ideally, I want to make sure I'm writing every single day whether it's for ten minutes or ten hours. I may not post every day, but I want to make sure I'm working on things!

2. Post more product reviews. I think I did a pretty good job last year of keeping up with the subscription box sneak peeks & reviews, but reviews on other products sort of took a backseat. I have have so many awesome products that I can't wait to share with all of you! I'm trying a low-buy for January but luckily I have many things I purchased during the holiday season that I haven't posted about yet. :)

3. Post more looks. I always make sure to include swatches in my posts, but I don't always post what it looks like on me. I'd like to start posting more swatches of the products on my face and ideally post a full face look for all applicable posts. Get ready to see this mug a lot more!

4. Be more active on social media. I have Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for this blog and I definitely don't use them as much as I should! I want to make sure I'm interacting with all of you on as many platforms as I possibly can. If you haven't liked/followed me on your favorite site yet, please do so (links at the top of the homepage)!

5. Get organized! I've already started working on this, but I'll let you guys know where I'm at! Basically I decided part of the reason I'm not blogging as much as I should is that I'm so disorganized. I have products everywhere and I usually write from my laptop in bed, while I'm watching TV & doing other things. We have an extra bedroom in our house that my boyfriend has graciously agreed to let me to turn into a sort of beauty area/office. I'm in the process of organizing all my stuff and sorting through it, but eventually I'll have my own room with all my products, my computer, my camera, etc. Very, very exciting!

6. Use a greater variety of products! I definitely have a routine when it comes to my skincare, makeup, & hair routines and I'm determined to break it! I always try everything I receive in my subscription boxes but admittedly after I try things once they usually end up in a drawer. What can I say; I'm a creature of habit! Now that everything is more organized, I have better access to all of my samples and full sized items and I think that's going to help a lot with incorporating new products into my looks. I want to try new colors and techniques on a regular basis throughout the year!

7. Include new types of posts. Aside from my usual reviews, I have a lot of ideas I've gotten from other blogs that I want to start posting on a regular basis. Some examples of things you'll be seeing: Monthly Favorite Products, Monthly Empties, Face of the Day, Nails of the Day, and, most importantly, Sales/Deals! If there's anything else you'd like to see, please let me know via comment, e-mail, twitter, whatever!

Those are all of my beauty & blogging related resolutions, although I do have a few others involving the usual exercising, dieting, self-improvement kind of things. Do any of you lovely ladies have beauty related new year's resolutions? I'd love to hear them! :)

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