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REVIEW: GDE OTM December 2014

A little late, but absolutely HAVE to share December's OTM with you all. It was easily the best sub I received last month! Completely and utterly spoiled with all of the extras this month. If you don't subscribe yet, you really need to. I'll put some information on signing up at the bottom of this post!

First of all, just look at this adorable snowman bag! I love that the bags always match the theme and/or color scheme of that month's eye shadow. So fun!

First peek at what's inside the bag! As you can see, there's WAY more than just a single eye shadow and candy in there this month. And yes, the brush was in there too! :) 

Everything out of the bag. Sedona Lace Brush, GDE Blush, two GDE OTMs and two GDE sample baggies, Black Luna Nail Lacquer, Suds 'n' Sass Soap, &, of course, candy!

The Blow Pop Minis were promptly eaten and do not appear in any other photos. If the whole 'stick' aspect of Blow Pops bugs you, these babies are for you! 

 First, let's look at the absolutely stunning eye shadows & blush that were sent out. 

The OTMs:
Christmas Calories Don't Count: a matte-ish burgundy with a purple sheen and a slight turquoise twinkle
Mistletoe Make Out: a shimmery green with dark green and copper undertones and golden sparkle

The Blush:
Trouble Maker: a semi matte dark pink leaning towards red with a slight pink shimmer.

"On January 20th, 2014 we will be releasing some new colors into the permanent line (as well as 3 of the OTM colors from this year, which will be voted on) and 3 blushes. We wanted to give you a chance to test out one of these blushes...while we understand that not all blushes are good for every skin tone, these can be used as shadows as well!" -From this month's OTM card

Seriously, these are all so gorgeous I can't even handle it. Purple and green are my absolute favorite go-to eye shadow colors and I've been on a blush kick for the last few months, so this bag was just perfect for me. They're all super pigmented, as usual. Troublemaker is probably the most pigmented of these three and definitely requires a light hand when applying! Swatches are without primer. 

Now, onto the rest of the extras!

First we have Black Luna Nail Lacquer in the color Christmas Morning. BEAUTIFUL shimmery cranberry red, perfect for the holidays. I actually haven't gotten a chance to swatch this one yet, but I have a few other polishes from Black Luna & I've never had any issues with consistency or wear. :)

You can order Christmas Morning and all sorts of other gorgeous polishes here

Next we have this seriously adorable Pumpkin Spice Oatmeal Soap from Suds 'n' Sass. It's shaped like a pumpkin and smells just like pumpkin pie! To die for. 

If you haven't checked out Suds 'n' Sass, you can take a peek at their shop here. If you're a fan of Lush, Fortune Cookie Soap, etc, you'll love this shop too! TONS of awesome bath & body products and it's all super cheap. 

I am just getting into brushes and don't have a whole lot of them, so I was psyched to see this blending brush in the bag this month. It's from Sedona Lace, which I've heard so many great things about! It's the 'EB 13' Blending Brush and it's really soft and fluffy. I've been using it non-stop since I received it. 

Sedona Lace is another brand worth looking into, especially for their brushes. You can find them here and the code 'GLAMOURDOLL' will get you $4 off your purchase!

Last, but certainly not least we have a few samples of the colors being released on January 20th! There are eight colors total and she send two of them to each subscriber. 

Mine were Down & Dirty, an orange semi matte shade with brown and turquoise undertones/shimmers, and Pillow Fight, a purplish-pinkish color with copper and blue shimmers. 

Both very beautiful & unique colors! I was expecting Pillow Fight to be brighter but the copper in it actually comes through quite a bit. I can't WAIT to see the other six she's releasing!

Aaaaand now, since one of my blogging resolutions was to always post a look, here we go! (Please excuse my eyebrows..they need taming!)

I really wanted to use Christmas Calories Don't Count but I'm always afraid I'm going to look like I have a black eye when I use darker purples. So I used Pixie Dust from the September OTM over my entire lid and then Christmas Calories Don't Count just on the outer edges. Wet 'n' Wild liquid eyeliner in Purple on the top lid & Urban Decay 24/7 Eyeliner in Psychedelic Sister on the lower lash line. Blush is Troublemaker, applied very lightly. 

 Here is some information on the OTM subscription from GDE's page, for those of you interested in signing up:

"Glamour Doll Eyes will be releasing a new color each month that we will call "Of The Month's". This shadow will be limited to just that month and will be sold for only that month. There are many options for the OTM; 1 month, 2 month, 3 month, 6 month and maybe even 12 months. There will only be 120 of each color each month so picking up a subscription will guarantee that you will get the color the following months.

Of the month spots will open up on the 8th of every month. If the 8th lands on a Saturday or Sunday, they will open up on that Friday. There will only be 120 OTMs open at a time so only a handful will be released each month. OTMs will be shipped differently in 2014. There will be 4 shipping dates, usually starting on the 10th and going through the 13th. If you're International and you have an ongoing subscription, they will ship the 1st, if you purchase on the 8th, it will ship the same as the rest of the subscriptions.

Buying 2 subscriptions will not stack them, it means you will get 2 of the same color until one or both of the subscriptions ends."

 So mark your calenders for January 8th and try to snag yourself a spot! I've been subscribed since July last year and I've never ever been disappointed. 

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