Saturday, July 13, 2013

REVIEW: Glamour Doll Eyes OTM July 2013

So, I signed up for my very first Glamour Doll Eyes 'Of the Month' last month and fell in love with it. This month I managed to snag a 3-month subscription + a nail polish, which is something new for them. SUPER EXCITED. 

Here's what I received for July :) 

This month's bag came in a cute mesh pink bag. Kinda hard to photograph, but HEY LOOK STARBURSTS!! (I ate all those within minutes...this is the only proof they ever even existed)

Woah, what's that? TWO pigments, a lipstick, and nail polish? Daaaaang.

According to the card in the bag, this month's OTM was created by GDE fan Rachel! It's called Sherbert and it's 'coral with an orange sheen and green sparkles.' GORGEOUS. Also, turns out Rachel is having a baby boy due this month, so we get an extra pigment named in his honor. Casen is 'baby to medium blue with green sparkles.' Also completely gorgeous. 

As another extra this month, we get to test out a new lipstick from cosmetic company Kiss My Sass. It's called Emma. It looks pretty bright, but goes on fairly sheer. I found it's buildable if you want more color though. :) 

Swatches: Casen, Sherbert, & Emma lipstick. Emma is more pink in real life...just hard to capture for some reason!

This month's OTM Sherbert in nail polish form! This is new to GDE & it's called Flash Lacquer. 

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