Monday, July 8, 2013

PREVIEW: Starlooks July 2013

Another month, another subscription box! I recently tried out some Starlooks products & I'm HOOKED, so I signed up for the July box. :) 

Every month before the boxes ship, Starlooks posts a 'Looksbook' on their website that hints to products that might be included in that month's boxes. 

Here's the verbage on the July 'Ibiza' themed box, from
Our July Starbox Lookscreams ultimate summer! Golds, Peaches, Bronzes, Blacks, Maroons, Highlighters, Illuminators – all essential for the sexiest, most enticing summer face and body. Don’t be afraid to experiment – not just with color, but also application! You’ll be surprised by the versatility of the July Starbox Products ;)

That description in itself sounds pretty awesome, but now look at this month's images!

How absolutely gorgeous!

Now, from what I hear, Starlooks likes to send out products in advance that will be used alongside items in future boxes. So, I see lots of bronzer & black eyeliner, which was sent out in last month's box (fortunately for me, I am WELL stocked on both of those items, so I'll still be able to create the look!). 

I also see nude, glossy lips, highlighter, and eye shadows in bronze, gold, peach, & plum. 

Some are speculating that we may actually be receiving the 5 Shade Shadow Palette this month!
They do actually have one CALLED Ibiza: 
5 Shade Shadow Palette
But the colors in the St. Tropez palette seem to match better:
5 Shade Shadow Palette

If we do get the palette, that's a great value in itself as it runs for $41. Not sure if we'd receive other items or not! If we do, I'd say maybe a lip product or highlighter. 

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  1. I got the st. Tropez one and it looks nothing like that.