Monday, November 25, 2013

REVIEW: Starlooks October 2013

I know it seems like this is SUPER late, but since I signed up for the Starlooks Ambassador Program, I got my October box a little later than usual. But, without further ado, here she is!

First, we have this seriously beautiful blush palette! This is the '3B1' palette. I've tried Starlooks' blushes before and LOVED them and these are exactly the same quality as the single blushes. Super pigmented and powdery!

With flash. 

Without flash.

Swatches. No primer!

I think I've already raved about the gem liners, so I was pleased to receive another one this month in 'Mirage,' a lovely blue metallic! Swatches below. 

Another product I know I've talked about before..Tendergloss! The perfect lipstick/gloss combo. This color is 'Puzzy.' It's very sheer but has a beautiful peach shimmer. 

Mirage Gem Liner + Puzzy Tendergloss at an angle. 

Mirage Gem Liner + Puzzy Tendergloss from directly above!

This was a GREAT box and next month looks even better! Starlooks announced that the December box will be another 15 color eye shadow palette like last year, but in different colors. That's a $99 palette, ladies! Definitely sign up for December if you've been thinking about it. :)

As a reminder, you can get 40% off all Starlooks products until December 15th using 'ILOVESTARLOOKS.' Please choose 'friend/family' where it asks how you heard about Starlooks & enter 'AP-Allison' I would very much appreciate!


  1. The blush palette looks very nice! I have been looking for a blush palette with at least 6 different blushes in varying shades of pink and corals but I have yet to find one.

  2. The blush palette looks lovely and i am adoring the glitter eyeliner! Perfect for new year's xx