Sunday, November 3, 2013

REVIEW: GDE OTM October 2013

Another late post...Glamour Doll Eyes October OTM!

LOOK AT THAT BAG. Perfect. And candy corn as the treat? Double perfect. 

This month's color is 'Cauldron.' This is another customer creation, created by Thelma for Halloween. It's described as "grayish black with subtle orange, green, & purple sheen and purple & green sparkle.'' I read the description and kind of scratched my head trying to picture it and immediately HAD to open the jar to see for myself!


Out of focus to see the sparkles!

More difficult to capture in the jar, especially with a camera phone!

Swatches. No primer! Look at all that shimmery goodness! It's exactly as described. You can totally pick out the green, orange, and purple. Good for Halloween, but wearable any day of the year!

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