Sunday, November 10, 2013

Starlooks 40% Off Promo

Hello, beautiful people!

First, before I get int the promo information, I'd like to share some exciting news with you. Starlooks now has an ambassador program to help promote their brand, and I've been chosen to participate! What does this mean exactly? Honestly, for me, not a whole lot is changing. I'll continue to share my favorite products with you and give you a heads up on deals like the one I'm going to discuss next. And, as always, I'll let you know when I don't like a product, too! :) Every time you make a purchase & mention my ambassador code, I'll get a credit to use towards new purchases to review here.

From today through December 15th, you can take 40% off your Starlooks purchase using code 'ILOVESTARLOOKS.' That's a HUGE discount; just in time for holiday shopping! If you decide to take advantage, please help me out & choose 'family/friend' where it asks  “How did you hear about Starlooks?” Then put 'AP-Allison' in the box. 

New to Starlooks and not sure what to buy? Here are some of my favorites.

Gem Eye Pencil
Gem Eye Pencils. These are seriously awesome. They're metallic eye liners and they come in a variety of fun colors. They glide on super smooth and have fantastic lasting power, especially on the upper lid. Perfect for a glitzy holiday look!

Tendergloss. It's lipgloss in lipstick form! They're super moisturizing and creamy, and come in a variety of highly pigmented colors. I have quite a few of these & 'Sugar Lips' is my favorite. :)

Blush. Available in matte or satin, and tons of colors! I didn't realize how pigmented these are the first time I tried it and ended up with an outrageous amount of product on my face. I just barely dip my brush on this and have great color pay off for the whole day!

If you're interested in signing up for the monthly Starbox subscription you can do so here. 40% off does not apply, but you can use my reference code.
Or, if you've been reading my reviews and missed out on a box you would have loved, you can buy past boxes here. The 40% off does apply to these!

Any questions/comments about Starlooks? Feel free to leave me a comment, e-mail, tweet, whatever! I'd be happy to help you out the best I can!


  1. I'm on Starlooks checking out and I don't see a spot to enter the promo code... I filled in the where did you hear this from but I didn't see a promo code box.

    1. There's a spot for it after your enter your billing information. :)
      Kind of an odd spot for it... I like to see what my discount is BEFORE I start the check out process!

      What did you get? :)

  2. Now you tell me....NOW YOU TELL ME! I just bought stuff a few days ago!!! LOL Teehee and congrats girl!

    1. Thanks! :)
      What did you get?! I just bought MORE gem liners!