Sunday, December 1, 2013

REVIEW: GDE OTM November 2013

Shoot! I meant to post this yesterday when it was still November, but completely forgot. Would like to share the FABULOUS OTM that GlamourDoll Eyes sent out for the month of November. Ready? Here we go!

YES that is TWO eye shadow pots you're seeing! Plus an extra gift from Moon Rabbit Cosmetics and, as usual, CANDY. The Haribo Bears were gone within two minutes of opening this. :)

Here are this month's colors! The November OTM is called 'Cozy Sweater' and it's a semi matte orange with a yellowish green undertone. I know that seems like an odd color combination, but you'll see how gorgeous it is when we get to swatches!

In honor of GDE's five year anniversary this month, she also included an extra shadow called 'Surprise!' Surprise is a pearl base with multi colored sparkle. It's going to be perfect for a shimmery holiday look in December. :) 

Here are both pots of shadow, slightly out of focus so you can see the shimmery goodness!

Cozy Sweater & Surprise! You can definitely see the 'yellowish green' undertone they're talking about in the description of Cozy Sweater. It works though and I think it makes this a really wearable orange for just about anyone! Surprise is seriously gorgeous, too. It would look great in the corners of your eyes to brighten up a look!

As I mentioned earlier, there was also an extra this month from Moon Rabbit Cosmetics. It's a perfume oil sample in the scent 'Wigilia,' which is described as 'the distinctive smell of that fizzy pink ginger ale.' It's been years since I've had ginger ale, but I think I can kind of make out that scent! I really like it, and the stay power is fantastic. It fades a little bit on the skin so it's not overwhelming but lingers JUST right for the rest of the day. 

It looks like Moon Rabbit's Etsy page is currently closed, but I'll definitely be checking out some of their other perfume oils once it's open again!

Happy Anniversary, GDE! :) 

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