Saturday, August 17, 2013

Glamour Doll Eyes OTM August 2013

This month's OTM! :) One sucker is missing, because I couldn't resist!

Extra #1 for the month: Black Luna Nail Lacquer in Rapunz'l. Cream based medium purple with iridescent glitter and pearl like shimmer. Swatches pending, because of course I just did my nails before the mail came!

Extra #2 Miss Adoro lashes in #43. Love these! They remind me of dolls eyelashes. :) I was all set to put them on and then realized I have no lash that post is coming later!

And finally, this month's OTM, Suzy Q! Designed by Piper, GDE's sponsorship manager. Matte medium purple with multi colored shimmer! Primer recommended.

A quick look at what it looks like on the eyes! It's SUPER shimmery and lovely. Also definitely buildable if you want a more intense pop of color!


  1. Argh I missed the August slot. It's such a good deal for the price and I love how coordinated everything is. I hope to get in the September subscriptions.

  2. Ah, bummer! I love the extras she's been including lately..such a nice surprise! Hope you get in for September :)

  3. Totally love the name of your blog!! Also love that purple shadow!

    1. Thank you :)
      I love it too! I think I wore it every single day the week after I got it!