Saturday, May 18, 2013

PREVIEW: Julep June 2013

The selection window for our June Julep boxes is in a couple of days & as usual, I'm pretty excited about what we're getting! :) This is the cover photo for Julep's Twitter page:
Some people are saying it looks like kind of random colors, but I can kind of see the beach theme they're going for. And they appear to be mostly creams, which I LOVE. Also making their debut this month are the DD creme & concealer. According to Julep's Facebook page, you'll be able to select your shade during the selection window (if you don't log in to choose your shade, you'll be sent medium by default!). I'm normally an 'It Girl' so I just get polish, but I might have to pick another box this month to try the DD stuff, or maybe add it on. We'll see in a couple of days when the boxes are revealed!
Via Julep's Facebook page

What do you think, fellow Mavens? Excited about the polishes and the products? Is it an upgrade month, or maybe a skip month?

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