Friday, May 10, 2013

PREVIEW: Birchbox May 2013

Anyone who's been subscribed to Birchbox for a while knows the importance of the tenth of the month. On the tenth, your account on their website updates to show what's going to be in your box for that month! I am entirely too impatient to wait for the mail to actually show up, so I check mine like clockwork at 6:00 AM EST.

This month's theme is The Beauty Diaries. From the Birchbox website: From your morning routine (sunrise yoga or snooze button and espresso) to your ice cream preferences (classic vanilla or rocky road with all the toppings), you’ve got a style and personality all your own. This month’s Birchbox is about you: the order in which you try your products, your daily routine, the techniques you’ve mastered. We want you to spill big-time—consider it your beauty-tell-all.   Naturally, we’re spilling some of our own secrets too. This month’s magazine features a roundup of beauty secrets from the experts themselves, our moms,an easy guide to styling curly hair, and an interview with actress-turned-beauty-mogul Salma Hayek. As for our personal beauty diaries, we’ve got those too: read a lip gloss-by-lip gloss account of a day in the life of co-founders Katia, Hayley, and Mollie.

Here's what I should be getting this month (hopefully tomorrow, according to my tracking email!):

I guess I don't really see how it fits the theme this month, but I'm still beyond psyched to try some of these things!

  • amika Obliphica Hair Treatment-I've been dying to try amika for a while, mostly because they have the most adorable packaging I have ever seen. Also, I've been obsessing over hair products lately. I haven't dyed my hair since December because I'm trying to fix some of the damage, while simultaneously growing it out. I've found that oils really help bring the dull ends back to life. :) 
  • amika Obliphica Nourishing Mask - 500 ml-Again, super excited about this brand. I love masks in general, whether it be for your face or your hair. I just love that feeling of having some extra special treatment. 
  • Sumita Color Contrast Eyeliner-Eyeliner is my ultimate beauty staple. I just feel sort of naked without it. It's one of my desert island must haves. So, yeah, I'm excited about this! Not very familiar with the brand, but per the reviews it seems well-liked. Hoping for a color other than black, like navy or that lime green!
  • Beauty Protector Protect & Detangle-This is the item I'm most stoked about. I've had the full-sized version of this in my cart for probably two months now, waiting to accumulate some points and hopefully a coupon code. I was so bummed the first time they sent this out  & I didn't get it because it got SUCH good reviews. I mean, people are calling this a Holy Grail hair product. So of course I have to try it! 
  • COOLA Classic SPF 30 Cucumber Moisturizer for Face-I am one of those people who never ever remembers to wear sunscreen in the summer, even though I am Queen of the Pale & I burn like crazy. I do, however, wear moisturizer daily. So this is perfect for me with June right around the corner. 

  • Isaac Mizrahi FABULOUS Eau de Parfum & Rollerball-Can honestly say that I've never heard of this brand, but I do like perfumes. I'm too cheap to buy perfume unless it's something I'm seriously in love with, so I always welcome samples. They last forever anyway &I can mix up what I wear every day! It's described as having 'bright citrus and soft floral notes' & is, of course, supposed to make you feel fabulous. I can deal with that!

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