Tuesday, August 26, 2014

REVIEW: Make Up By One Direction

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I had previously posted some information about the NEW Make Up By One Direction Collection from Markwins & I am very excited to share my review of some of those products with you today!

My original post has some basic information about the collection, including the contents of each set. The set I received for review was the 'Up All Night' kit!

  • "Taken" - Liquilights Glow Gloss: Powerhouse glitter pink lip gloss that glows to a neon orange under UV light
  • 4+1 Eye Shadow Palette in :
    • "More Than This" - soft blushing pink
    • "Gotta by You" - silvered taupe shimmer
    • "Save You Tonight" - shimmering turquoise blue
    • "Another World" - royal blue shimmer
    • "Up All Night" - sapphire glitter crème
  • "I Should Have Kissed You" - bubblegum pink crème lipstick
  • "Little Black Dress" volumizing mascara in perfectly black
  • "Na Na Na" Aqua-blue metallic chrome nail varnish
  • "Stand Up" dark denim eye and body crayon
  • Includes 5 piece decorator stencil set! Decorate yourself, your stuff, your friends with ONE DIRECTION doodles.

First, here's a look at the tin itself! This would be a really great gift for an avid One Direction fan, but I think it's a little bulky for someone who's more interested in the make up itself. I'd suggest removing the contents & storing them with the rest of your make up & displaying/using the tin elsewhere!

The back of the tin has three looks you can create from the contents inside. Definitely handy if you have a hard time coming up with color combinations!

Here's a look at the inside. Lots of blues & pinks in this one! 

Here's a look at the eye shadow palette!
Clockwise from top left: More Than This, Save You Tonight, Gotta Be You, & Another World. Center: Up All Night. 

Swatches Left to Right: More Than This, Save You Tonight, Gotta Be You, & Another World.

Swatches Bottom to Top: More Than This, Save You Tonight, Gotta Be You, Another World, Up All Night. 
The actual shadows are very creamy and easy to work with, on par with Wet 'n' Wilds other shadows. The glitter, however, is pretty sparse & would require a bit of work to make it opaque. 

This is the Eye & Body Crayon in Stand Up, a dark denim shade. 

It wasn't quite as smooth as I would like my eye pencils to be, but the color is nice & it's easy to create a nice thick line. 

Here's the 'Little Black Dress' volumizing mascara. Honestly a little disappointing! I didn't think it did much as far as volumizing goes. Just a basic black mascara. 

Aaaaaand here's an eye look! You could definitely do a more neutral eye look with this palette but I decided to showcase the blues since that seems to be the dominant color in this kit! 
Hightlight: More Than This, Crease: Gotta Be You, Lid: Save You Tonight, Liner: Stand Up. 

Next up, lip products! I was REALLY curious about this Liquilights Glow Gloss because it's supposed to glow orange under UV light, but unfortunately I didn't have access to a UV light to test it! The gloss is not too sticky & I only needed one quick coat to get a nice even color. 
It DOES have glitter in it and I found that I had glitter on my lips even after I tried to remove the gloss, so beware! :) 

Liquilights Glow Gloss in Taken

The I Should Have Kissed  You lipstick is a bubblegum pink cream. Not a fantastic formula. It's quite chalky and not very smooth to apply! I personally really like the color, but I can definitely see how it wouldn't be for everyone. 

Lipstick in I Should Have Kissed You

The kit also comes with a nail polish called Na Na Na, an aqua blue metallic chrome. Unfortunately I haven't had a chance to use this yet, but the color is gorgeous! 

The kit also comes with a pack of stencils that can be used for decorating anything you want! If you wanted to use them on your body, you could use the Body & Eye Pencil from the kit for easy wash off. A cute extra! :) 

Overall, the make up is not super impressive but it's decent and they're great items for a One Direction lover, that's for sure! 

Available NOW in US stores! Macy's, Stage Stores, Dillards, Beauty Brands, & Lord and Taylor. 

For more information visit https://www.facebook.com/MakeupbyOneDirection :) 

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