Sunday, September 29, 2013

REVIEW: Starlooks September 2013

Ohhh my Starbox came with a card this month! What in the world could it be?
It's a card with a promo code for Ooberluxe, good for one month of the 'i dabble' membership package worth five requests.
Ooberluxe is a super intuitive, reservation-making, order-taking travel + virtual assistant.

Sounds interesting, but I like to do things like that on my own. :)
If anyone IS interested in the promo code, shoot me an email.

Now, onto the good stuff!

This month we have a lip gloss, eye liner, & lashes! Also, information on the brand spankin' new referral program which I'll include at the end of this post. :)

First up, 'Pearl Necklace' Lip Gloss. 
"This amazingly satin, smooth, creamy lip gloss looks wonderful on any skin tone and is the ultimate 'finishing touch' for any look, day or night. Wear alone to enhance and complement your natural lip color or apply over any lip color!

I did actually really like this gloss and I think it's SUPER pretty over a nude lip (see below!). My only complaint is that it was a bit sticky for my liking.

'Milky Way' Infinity Eyeliner Pot
"Starlooks loves to introduce subscribers to versatile products and this pot liner is exactly that! Apply to the lash line with a slanted liner brush, apply all over the eye lid as an eye shadow or base, apply under any shadow color to give it a pearlescent effect, or scoop out and mix with a loose shadow or powder pigment to create your own shade of eye liner!"

Love this as a shadow, hate it as a liner. I think for a liner it's just a little too creamy. It took me quite a few dips into the pot to get a nice opaque line all the way across my lids. I do really like the color though. It's the perfect metallic white I've been in search of!

'FL13' Lashes
"We know you've been dying to try Starlooks Lashes so we've included our favorite, all-purpose pair to suit any occasion. All Starlooks lashes come conveniently packaged with lash glue!"

I do like these lashes (I pretty much love all lashes, admittedly), but I'm not sure they're really 'all-purpose.' Not the most dramatic pair I own but they're definitely noticable! Not sure I'd wear them to work or anything. :) I really wanted to like this brand, but I just can't because of the glue. It's pretty awful. Couldn't get the lashes to stick to save my life and I'm usually pretty skilled at applying them! 

Pearl Necklace Lip Gloss & Milky Way Infinity Liner. One swipe-no primer.

Starlooks is proud to announce our amazing, new "Refer A Friend" program - it's easy to do and the reward is HUGE! Here's how it works:

Step 1: Subscribe to Starbox (if you haven't already) and Login to your Starbox Account.

Step 2: Click on the "Refer A Friend" tab at the top of your account home page.

Step 3: Share Starbox with your friends using one of the available share options.

Step 4: Fill out your Free Gift Preferences!

And you're done! As soon as one of the friends you referred becomes a Starbox Subscriber, you will receive a FREE Gift Box containing products hand-selected by one of our Starlooks PRO Makeup artists, based on your personal preference profile! And better yet, you can change your gift profile preferences any time - simply go to the "Refer a Friend" tab, choose your new preferences, and click "submit"!

This is a GREAT opportunity so don't pass it up. Start referring and get your FREE gift boxes now!

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