Monday, February 9, 2015

Hello Waffle Visage February 2015

Posts two days in a row?! I know, I'm pretty impressed myself. The most beautiful purple envelope sealed with cat printed washi tape arrived in my mailbox this morning & I knew I just HAD to post about it immediately.

Visage is the monthly subscription box created by Hello Waffle Cosmetics. Visage is the French word for 'face' and each month's box contains products for your eyes, lips, and face. Basically, you get a whole look, which is awesome for people like me who can never figure out what colors work well together! Products vary in size and type from month to month, but I've been subscribed since November and I have always found that the boxes have a good value. The price is $25 per month (shipping included) and, if spaces are available, subscriptions open up on the 29th of each month on her website. Boxes start shipping the 5th of each month. Christine, the owner, lives in Canada but I find that packages from her generally get to me fairly quickly!

If you miss out on snagging a subscription, Christine lists any extra products on the 15th of every month. Sometimes the date changes depending on what she's working on, but she always updates customers on her Facebook page.

Are any of you completely obsessed with packaging like I am? I swear half the time I buy things just based on how pretty they look. Well, if you are, you will appreciate the hell out of the Visage packaging.

Swoon. It's just gorgeous. The packaging also usually kind of hints at the theme. Roses..huh...

Everything all wrapped up and sealed with the adorable Hello Waffle logo (Waffle is Christine's incredibly handsome cat...I should have mentioned that!). 

Next, you will always find two inserts. The first is an explanation of the theme, the contents, and the prices. 

And then you fill find a story! This month's theme is 'Little Briar Rose,' one of Grimm's Fairytales. Now the rose on the packaging makes more sense, eh?

Then, you'll find a card that has the month's artwork on it. I like to collect these & stick them in my vanity mirror. They're just so beautifully done! Per the Hello Waffle website, all label artwork is done by Hannah from Graphitist Portraiture and Illustration.

And now we're to the contents. Pretty sweet deal for only $25, right? This month we have three mini eye shadows, a full sized blush from Blackbird Cosmetics, a full sized lip gloss, and a full sized perfume from Sixteen92. 

First let's take a look at this month's eye shadows. I'm already such a huge fan of all of these shades and I know they're going to work so well together!

Shimmery mauve-rose with purple sparks.

'Thorn Hedge'
Shimmery dark grey with pink and purple sparks. 

'100 Year Sleep'
Deep eggplant purple with pink and purple sparks. 

There are so many things from Blackbird Cosmetics that I've been dying to try, and blush is pretty high up on my list. Incredibly happy that there's a full size in here! This particular shade was made just for the Visage.

'Little Briar Rose'
Muted light pink with subtle gold sheen. Satin finish. 

 It looks a little brown in the jar, but wait until you see it swatched! This is absolute perfection for us pale ladies.

Next, a full sized Hello Waffle lip gloss called 'Wise Woman.'
Brick strawberry with a subtle but evil blue glow. Moderately opaque. 

Also insanely excited about this. I grabbed some of Hello Waffle's glosses back in November and I am so hooked. I'm normally not a gloss person at all, but these aren't even remotely sticky and they have this really great vanilla scent - kind of like cake! Also, they're more like a liquid lipstick than a gloss, in my opinion.

The second 'extra' in this month's box is from Sixteen92. Again, this product was created just for the Visage. It's a full sized perfume called 'Thalia.'
Vanilla, soft musk, moss, fern, and stone. 

On a cold sniff, I'm not a huge fan of this, but it might grow on me! I can't get past the 'musk' aspect of it, but I do generally enjoy earthy scents.

Swatch time, ya'll! Don't be blinded by my paleness. And don't mind the goosebumps; that's just how things are here in the Frozen Tundra!

Top to bottom: Fifteen, Thorn Hedge, 100 Year Sleep, Little Briar Rose, & Wise Woman.

I keep saying I'm going to cancel this month because it's my most expensive subscription, but how could I ever? It's just such a well rounded box and I honestly feel like Christine picks these colors JUST FOR ME sometimes (I know she doesn't). 

Are you a Visage subscriber, or are you going to try to pick one up for March? Any particular theme or colors you'd like to see? I'm not a huge fan of holiday themes but I'd actually love to see some greens and golds for St. Patrick's Day!

Ok, I did a face. I couldn't help it! It's all so pretty!

So here's the lip gloss on my lips. I think you could probably build the color up to be a little darker, but since the eye shadows are kind of smokey/dark, I wanted to keep the lips somewhat light:

And here's my eyes! Fifteen on the whole inner lid, Thorn Hedge on the outer lid, & 100 Year Sleep on the lower lid and far outer corner. 
And my whole face so you can see ze blush. It's so light, but adds just a tiny bit of color. Absolutely love it!

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  1. You are so pretty! These colors look amazing on your skin.