Thursday, February 12, 2015

Darling Girl Cosmetics Mini Haul

Hi everyone! 

Today I have a little haul from one of my absolute favorite indie companies, Darling Girl Cosmetics. I actually discovered Darling Girl the same way I have discovered so many other indie companies - through samples in Glamour Doll Eyes' OTM subscription! 

I placed my first order with Darling Girl back in November to get a few of The Walking Dead themed shadows and some things for a Secret Santa Exchange. Ever since then, I have been obsessively checking out the website and Facebook group and making a list of things that I MUST HAVE. Susan, the owner of Darling Girl, is kind of a product wizard. There are so many different types of things available to purchase and she's always dreaming up more! I mean, you want blush? There are six different kinds. 

The best part, for me, is that she doesn't do a lot of limited edition stuff. So, even if something isn't available right now, it will probably be back (except for the Momentary Marvels section, I believe)! Every week, Susan creates a new eye shadow shade as a GWP and any order over $10 will receive it. All orders also include samples and stickers!

So, what did I order? BEHOLD!

I know. You're thinking, "Allison, what in the world is in those gorgeous gold tubes?"
Let's talk about those first. 

Those, my friends are Pucker Paints!

From the Darling Girl website: 
Pucker Paints are light weight liquid lipstick that glide on silky smooth and dry down to a matte finish. Unlike a lot of matte lip products these will not leave you running for the lip balm moments after applying.

From left to right: Dodgy, Oh My Glob, & Love Sick

Descriptions per the Darling Girl website:
Dodgy - Bright coral pink.
Oh My Glob - Medium magenta.
Love Sick - Light orchid.

The only description I disagree with a little bit is Oh My Glob. I guess when I think magenta, I think more pink. But this is definitely purple. I love it, regardless. 

Next up, we have the 'Happy SlapsgivingKiss-her Tinted Lip Balm. Yes, that is absolutely a How I Met Your Mother reference. This was originally made as a limited edition shade for Black Friday, but it can still be purchased in the Momentary Marvels section of the site. It's the most gorgeous berry shade. A little sheer, but completely buildable. 

Swatch time!

Left to right: Dodgy, Oh My Glob, Love Sick, & Happy Slapsgiving.

SWOON. I can't even decide which one I want to wear first! The Pucker Paints are surprisingly opaque in one swipe and dry pretty quickly! As mentioned, Happy Slapsgiving is a little sheer, but buildable. 

Next up, blushes! There are several different kinds of blush available, but I decided to try the Soft Focus Blush this time. I have so many sparkly blushes and these are supposed to be a matte/satin mix. Something different!

I ordered mini sizes of Paradise Pink & Yes, Virginia!

Descriptions per the Darling Girl website:
Paradise Pink - peachy pink
Yes, Virginia! - Light pale lavender 

Ok. These are insanely pigmented and so smooth to apply! The swatches below are just one swipe. 

Left to right: Paradise Pink, Yes, Virginia!

Next up, all the eye things!
Pennsatucky glitter, Grand Pabbie eye shadow & Exquisite eye shadow. 

Here's Grand Pabbie & Exquisite. 

Grand Pabbie was the January Color of the Month. Apparently he's a character on the show Once Upon A Time. I have never seen it, but think he's pretty cute anyway. And the color is absolutely magnificent! It's described as a 'metallic khaki green with silver iridescence.' 

Exquisite was the GWP during the week I ordered. It's a really great shimmery medium nude & I think it would work well with pretty much any look.

Oh, Pennsatucky. This is the glitter from the Darling Girl is the New Black Collection. 

Description from the Darling Girl website:
Pennsatucky is the Holy Trinity of glitter blends—the gleaming silver of angel wings, the icy blue of the purest crystal meth, and the soft pink of a gummy, toothless smirk. 

I have never seen Orange is the New Black either (don't hurt me - it's in my queue!), but I think just about anyone would be a fan of this glitter. It's so beautiful!

Next round of swatches!

Left to right: Grand Pabbie, Exquisite, & Pennsatucky. 
Over Glamour Doll Eyes Glitter Glue.

(Excuse the Pennsatucky swatch! I didn't realize so much would come out of the jar at once!)

Last, but not least, I'm leaving you with a little sneak peek of blog posts to come! 
This was the last item in my order - Liquid Stardust in Santa's Sneaky Sleigh. It's lovely and I can't wait to tell you all about it, but I have a sort of extensive post planned for this so we'll talk about it later!

Have you ordered from Darling Girl before, or are you planning to now? What are you favorite products and shades? Any absolutely-must-have items? 

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  1. The lip products have nice pigmentation! I have never heard of this brand but its always nice to discover something new. Have a great weekend :)