Thursday, March 13, 2014

theBalm How 'Bout Them Apples? Cheek & Lip Cream Palette Review

This is the first of FOUR reviews for products from theBalm I have for you today & tomorrow. :)

The 'How 'Bout Them Apples?' Palette is a six shade palette of creams that can be used on the cheeks and the lips. This is a NEW formula from the lip/cheek creams that have been included in past theBalm palettes, like Balm Jovi. 

First, can we just talk about the packaging please? TheBalm always has such ridiculously adorable packaging for their products! If any of you are subscribed to Birchbox, they actually sent out some samples of this palette this month and the mini version is just as cute. 

Here's the inside. Um, drool. Not a bad view to have while you're picking out your lip and cheek colors. Also includes a really nice sized mirror!

The formula of these is absolutely fantastic, in my opinion. They're super pigmented, easy to apply, and blend really well. On the cheeks, they leave a nice dewy finish that I love! If you like your cheek colors to be more matte, this may not be the palette for you. They also make lovely lip colors, although they do require a bit of layering to build up the color. They are not very long lasting as lip colors, but last about 7-8 hours on the cheeks!

Now let's take a look at each of the hunks colors individually. 

First we have Caramel.  It's a nude brown color, with a very slight orange tint to it. It has a glossy sheen and can be layered to build more opaque color. 

Candy is a glossy bubblegum pink shade. It can also be layered to build up the color. 

Pie is a pink color with a slight red tint. It doesn't build quite as well as some of the other shades do, but is still very pigmented. 

Crisp is the only shade that has a frosted finish. It's a coral color with a gold finish AND it's my favorite color in the palette. It is a little drying on the lips and could emphasize imperfections if your lips are already dry. 

Cobbler is a red with orange undertones. It has a glossy finish and can be blended into a sheer color or layered for more opaque coverage. 

Cider is a pale peachy pink. For some reason this one is a little hard to build up to an opaque finish.


No flash. Left to right: Caramel, Crisp, Cobbler, Candy, Pie, Cider.

With flash. Left to right: Caramel, Crisp, Cobbler, Candy, Pie, Cider.

I absolutely adore the palette and would definitely recommend it. There's a great variety of shades that I think would look great on anyone and they could actually probably be mixed to create additional colors! 

Available on for $32.

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